Saturday, April 7, 2018

Thrive Market - Amazing Whole30 and Paleo Products

After completing my Whole30 journey I have slowly switched over to more of a Paleo lifestyle which seems to be working for me.  I'm still reintroducing foods that I missed, some have agreed with me and others have not.  During my Whole30 program one of my friends told me to check out Thrive Market as they had a lot of great Whole30 products so I decided to go and check them out.  I had heard of them and seen some advertisement on Facebook but wasn't too sure what they sold or how much savings I would actually get. 

Thrive Market is an online store that sells Organic Brands for less money and I have to say I'm totally hooked.  I started looking through their products and couldn't believe how many Whole30 and Paleo items they sold and for so much less than other stores I shopped at.  After looking through their products and putting so many things in my cart I decided to do the 30 day free trial plus I got 20% off my first 3 orders with them, well after my first box arrived I was sold.  I absolutely love their products and prices, I have saved so much money on several different products.  I have ordered more than 5 times with them and now I have a 1 year membership with them.  I have tried a few new products of theirs which have been really good, I even got a whole free tote bag that valued for $60 all free for joining with them.  If anyone is interested in checking them out here is their website I can also send a link for a coupon I believe if anyone is interested.  I'm loving all of my products new and old and can't wait for my next box to arrive!

Here is a list of all my favorite products that I order with them:
Organic Raw Vegan Coconut Butter
Organic Regular Coconut Milk
Chicken Bone Broth
Avocado Oil Mayo and Chipotle Lime Mayo
Avocado Oil
Organic Coconut Aminos
Organic Raw Unstrained Honey
Organic Ghee (Clarified Butter)
French Vanilla Unsweetened Non-Dairy Cramer
Maple Pancake Grain Free Granola
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks
Organic Heavy Coconut Cream
Caramel & Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups - These are amazing!
Chocolate Chip Cookies - These are delicious!
Organic Coconut Sugar
Organic Raw Cashew Butter
Organic Coconut Flour and Almond Flour

This was my free gift bag of goodies for becoming a member
Vitamins and Probiotics - I usually buy these at Whole Foods since they are the only place I can find them besides Amazon which are both fairly pricey.  I was searching through their website and saw that they sold the kids products I use and I was so excited cause it was an $18 savings which was amazing considering how expensive they are.  Here are the brands I use for my girls...
Mykind Organics Kids Gummy Multivitamins - Cherry (Whole Foods $34.99 - Thrive Market $24.49)
Organic Kids+ Probiotics, Berry Cherry (Whole Foods $25.99 - Thrive Market $17.49)
Once Daily Women's Probiotics - First time trying this brand so I will see if it's worth $29.39 as I'm not sure how much Whole Foods sells them for but I will look the next time I'm there.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Weekly Food Menu 4.2.18 to 4.8.18

It's Whole30/Paleo Week as I just finished up my first round of Whole30, so I still want to follow most of my Whole30 meal plans but reintroduce a few new foods from Paleo and see how I feel.  So this week will be a mixture of both which is exciting.

Monday 4/2
Meal 1: Sautéed mushrooms, red onions and chicken sausage with 1/2 avocado 
Meal 2: Leftover Sweet Potatoes and Carrots with Thai Almond Chicken 
Meal 3: Indian Shrimp Curry with Roasted Cauliflower Rice with Garlic and Lemon
Snacks: Hard Boiled Eggs with raw almonds or banana and cashew butter with baked chicken 

Tuesday 4/3
Meal 1: Skillet Sweet Potato Chicken Hash with Eggs
Meal 2: Leftover Indian Shrimp Curry with Roasted Cauliflower Rice with Garlic and Lemon
Meal 3: Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps with homemade guacamole and baked sweet potato 
Snacks: Hard Boiled Eggs with raw almonds or banana and cashew butter with baked chicken 

Wednesday 4/4
Meal 1: Skillet Sweet Potato Chicken Hash with Eggs
Meal 2: Leftover Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps or Grilled Chicken and veggie Salad 
Meal 3: Baked Salmon with Avocado Bruschetta and small side salad 
Snacks: Hard Boiled Eggs with raw almonds or banana and cashew butter with baked chicken 

Thursday 4/5
Meal 1: Skillet Sweet Potato Chicken Hash with Eggs
Meal 2: Leftovers or Grilled Chicken and veggie salad
Meal 3: One Pan Roasted Potatoes, Sausage and Peppers
Snacks: Hard Boiled Eggs with raw almonds or banana and cashew butter with baked chicken 

Friday 4/6
Meal 1: Skillet Sweet Potato Chicken Hash with Eggs
Meal 2: No Bean Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili 
Meal 3: Paleo Shepherd's Pie  
Snacks: Hard Boiled Eggs with raw almonds or banana and cashew butter with baked chicken 

Saturday 4/7
Meal 1: Eggs with sautéed asparagus and onions with Paleo Turkey Bacon
Meal 2: Leftover No Bean Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili 
Meal 3: Going out for dinner maybe or leftovers or Grilled Chicken with veggies 
Snacks: Hard Boiled Eggs with raw almonds or banana and cashew butter with baked chicken 

Sunday 4/8
Meal 1: Eggs with sautéed asparagus and onions with Paleo Turkey Bacon
Meal 2: Leftover Paleo Shepherd's Pie
Meal 3: Going out for dinner maybe or leftovers or Grilled Chicken with veggies 
Snacks: Hard Boiled Eggs with raw almonds or banana and cashew butter with baked chicken 

Links some of the recipes listed above

Sunday, April 1, 2018

My Whole30 Journey and Results 2.28.18 to 3.39.18 - First Round Complete!

Well my results are in and I can't wait to share them with y'all....drum roll please......  First I am sad to say that I did not take actual tape measurements but I did weigh my self before and after along with taking before and after pictures of my journey.  I started this Whole30 program on 2.28.18 and finished my last day on 3.29.18.  I lost a few inches all over (picture shown below) and a total of 5 pounds, which I will be honest I was not too happy about but if you calculate it out it's 1.5 pounds a week so it's actually pretty good.  I can't even tell you how much I have gained from this whole journey, I went into it with just a few goals in mind, to help with weight loss, clear up my allergies and help with my overall running (making me faster and stronger), those seem pretty fair and normal right?  I didn't think I was asking too much or giving my self too many goals well I have to say not only did I achieve those goals but I surpassed them.  This whole experience has really been amazing on many different levels, it was made me stronger as a person both mentally and physically, it has boosted my confidence, shown me how to have a better relationship with food, it's taught me how food can fuel my body properly and helped with my sugar cravings plus all the Non-Scale Victories I checked off my Whole30 list.  Here are the before and after pictures of my journey!

My Whole30 Pictures Before and After 
Wow what a month it has been for me, I never in a million years thought I would ever give up so much for one month.  After dealing with really bad allergies and another bad sinus infection in February I knew I had to do something with my diet as I was going crazy.  Even though I had many ups and downs during this process overall it was exactly what I needed to push me in a different direction and taught me so much about my self.  As you can see I still have a long way to go but now I have the tools to help me move forward in a positive way, after doing some research and more reading I have decided to move to more of a Paleo life style.  I thought about doing another round of the Whole30 as I have been a little nervous to get back into the real world but I want to test what I have learned and see if I can really do it with a little more freedom.  Paleo is similar to Whole30 expect you can use almond and coconut flour when baking, honey, maple syrup or coconut palm sugar as natural sugars when cooking or making sauces and of course dark chocolate however I made with a natural sugar of course.  I really don't miss legumes, wheat, dairy or grains very much.  I still want to stay away from all the processed foods so but keeping those cut out will hopefully still help me.   I'm excited to venture down the Paleo route and see what new and yummy recipes I can find to make the family. Be on the look out still for my weekly food menus and all the cool new Paleo items I find along the way.  I will be posting about my new online market that I was recently introduced too and all the cool products I have been getting.

I know the big questions many of you might be wondering is "Will you do another round of the Whole30?" and the answer is yes more than likely I will do another around, not sure when but I would like to for my husband to do with me when he is not travelling so we can do it together.  I think he could benefit from it and it would be nice to for us to do it together.  If and when we do it I will announce that on my blog and Facebook for others to follow us along that journey.  As for now I'm very happy I did it and it was worth the full 30 day's to do it.  I'm so thankful I stayed strong and make the commitment to stick it out no matter what.  Now it's time for me to stay strong and continue this awesome journey.

Thank you for all those who have supported me along the way, all the Facebook messages, text messages, phone calls and Instagram posts were so helpful.  I'm so lucky and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life who care and love me.  I could not have done it without you!  Thank you to my sister-in-law Melissa Weiss who also came along this journey with me.  Even though we are many miles apart it was nice to text almost daily to help get us through.

I'm am now a WHOLE30ER!!!

Friday, March 30, 2018

It's Finally Here....Whole30 Day 30!

Well the big day has arrived day 30 of my Whole30 journey and it's been amazing.  I woke up feeling good and excited for the day, I didn't get the best night sleep but again that's okay and I didn't want it to effect my overall day.  After dropping the girls off at school the weather was rather weird as it was very foggy out, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go and run today as I haven't worked out in the last two day's due to all the rain we received and it made me rather lazy.  I decided to have my breakfast and coffee this morning and then got busy doing stuff around the house that I needed to get done by around 10am the fog finally lifted and the sun was shinning, what a perfect morning it ended up being so I decided to get my running gear on and lace up my running shoes, then I was out the door.  I told my self to just go and run today don't worry too much about the time or distance even though I took the same route I always do and know approximately how far I'm running but that's besides the point.  I felt really good starting out and got into a nice groove but I was a little worried I would go out too fast and than it would hurt me later but again I didn't want to over analyze so I just kept running, at one point I looked down at my watch and saw 11:10 as my pace I have not ran that fast in a long time I mean like months.  I was so excited to see that number, I ran through the hills and still felt great, I even ran by a gentlemen who was walking his dogs and he gave me nice shout out that boosted my confidence even more.  Once I came home the first thing I did was call my husband and I started to cry as I was so happy with my performance and it brought me back to my training day's.  It was the perfect moment on this last day of my whole30 journey, I could not have asked for better moment to prove to myself of how far I have come in just a month.

I killed it with my nutrition as well, I was so happy that this day finally arrived that there was no way I was going to throw it away on stupid food I couldn't have.  After coming back from such an amazing run and being an that high I knew the rest of my day would be awesome.  I did have a snack later in the afternoon as I was still hungry after lunch but I made sure I was in my guidelines and I have to say it was so yummy I had a banana sliced up with cashew butter and baked chicken.  I'm so excited to see how my final results turn out after I'm done.  Tomorrow I will be taking after pictures and then weighing my self on Saturday morning as my husband wants to be there with me to see my results of that.  So I will be have another final post on all my results and what I have taken away from this whole experience along with what my next steps are moving forward.

Non-Scale Victories
  1. Had the best run I have had in months, ran 3 miles in 36 mins I haven't done that is so long it's crazy, my average pace was 12:04 and at one point I looked down I was running at a 11:05 pace which is crazy in just a month.  
  2. Made sure to keep hydrated with my water.
  3. I finished my day off on a huge high with tons of energy especially after my run and nutrition today, I could not have asked for a better day to complete this journey!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Whole30 Day 29 Complete

Day 29...holy cow I'm in the final stretch of this journey, I can't believe I'm almost finished.  It's been a rather tough week trying to finish this up while my husband is out of town, this is the ultimate last test for me as it's always a long week when I'm solo and I tend to stress eat but I have been really good.  My issues have been lack of sleep which is another problem I have, I tend to not sleep well when he is away and I feel that wearing on my body as my energy levels have dropped compared to earlier this week.  I'm learning how important sleep really is for the body and what a difference it can make on your daily energy levels, even though it's been a month I'm always learning something new each day and this is a journey beyond 30 days.  

It was a busy day running errands and going to appointments.  I did surprise my girls for lunch at their school which was nice since I haven't had lunch with them in a few weeks.  I was very proud of my self for buying healthy snacks to bring along with me instead of junk or something that was not good for me.  Overall I had a great nutritional day and I stayed strong, even after my two cravings.  Lindsey came home and opened a bag of potato chips and I absolutely love chips any kind all the time so that was very hard for me but I didn't cave in.  Then for dessert my girls wanted sliced apples with Nutella drizzled on top with shredded coconut and chocolate chips, well my mouth was watering when I was working with the Nutella the smell of it was so delicious I could taste it.  I had it all over my fingers but not a lick...that is so not like me.  I usually lick my fingers and the spoon clean but I didn't want to throw away of what I have worked for so I washed my hands and the spoon and ate an orange instead.  Yes I still wanted something sweet but a natural sweet and it did the job, my cravings were done after that.  

No workout for me today as I just ran out of time after all my errands were done and seeing the girls by the time I got home and prepared dinner the girls were home.  Not working out is tough as it does give the little extra boost of energy so I will be happy when I can get some actual sleep so I can get back to working out on a regular bases and hopefully this rain will go away.  

Non-Scale Victories
  1. I did have cravings today but didn't give in, ended up having fruit to help with that.
  2. Met my girls for lunch and brought my own healthy snacks that were W30 compliant
  3. Dealing with stress is hard for me but not using food to comfort be is a big step.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Whole30 Day 28 Complete

What a lazy and unproductive day it was today, it ended up raining all day which is awesome and something I love but I ended up doing nothing today on one had it was awesome considering how busy I have been but on the other hand it made me so lazy that I didn't want to do anything.  I did catch up on my emails, booked several appointments for my dog and kids within the next few weeks.  I wanted to catch up on my paperwork but I lost track of time and then my kids were home from school which lead to homework, showers, dinner and bedtime.  

The best part of my day was catching up with my dad and talking about my Whole30 journey, I was so excited to share what this program has done for me both mentally and physically.  I had a true passion about the subject that I have not had in a while, it was such a great feeling to talk about my ups and downs and he noticed how much more energy I had just even through the phone and asked a lot of great questions.  I love talking to family and having such a great support system, I spoke with my mom and step-dad yesterday and they too asked how I was doing on the program and they both said they could hear how much more energy I had as well.  The more I talk about this journey the more I love what I have done.  I feel so grateful to be surrounded by some many people who love me that are near and dear to my heart. 

I'm in my final last two day's I can't believe it and I'm still sorting out what is next after this is all said and done, I'm actually very excited to see what's a head.  I have a few goals I have set for myself moving forward with my fitness and now that I have the tools with my nutrition I think I'm unstoppable at this point.  It's time to put what I have learned and apply it to the real world outside of the Whole30.  

Non-Scale Victories
  1. Lower energy today but that did not trigger me to over eat, in the past it would have as once I get bored or watch too much TV all I want to do is eat but not today.  That is a huge NSV for me.
  2. Tried a new recipe for dinner that didn't have sweet potatoes in it and it was pretty good.
  3. Got the share part of my journey with a family member yesterday and today and it felt so great to do that.  I have so much love and support and it's amazing!

Whole30 Day 27 Complete

I had another awesome night of sleep, I was pretty tired last night and passed out by 10:15pm as I wanted to make sure I got my 8 hours of sleep so I would be ready for the day.  I made it through weekend 4 on this journey, it's now coming to an end and I have to say I'm a little sad but excited at the same time.  I have learned so much and taken so much away from this process it's crazy, I will blog about all of these when I'm actually done and ready to move forward.  In the next few day's I'm trying to figure out how I want to move forward, if I want to stay with Paleo or trying to introduce foods back into my meal plans.  I'm so content and feeling so amazing right now that I really don't want to mess with anything, I'm afraid to bring my trigger goods back into my meal plans so reading Food Freedom Forever will hopefully provide some clarity for me and what's the next right step for me. I'm not too worried about it but as many of you who know me I like to have a plan and be organized that's who I am.
After waking up feeling well rested I decided not to waste my day away so after breakfast I went outside while it was still nice out and do some more yard work.  I pulled weeds, cut back some trees and bushes and did some more flower bed clean up, I ended up filling 2 more large black bags and one of our garbage it was hot and humid out as I thought it started raining on me, nope it was just the sweat coming off my head into my eyes and onto my glasses.  1 1/2 hours later I decided okay that's enough now it's time to go for a run as I needed to get it done and I didn't want to take an extra day off since I didn't get any runs in this weekend.  I came inside drank a bunch of water and changed into my running gear and away I went for a 40 min run with over 3 miles done.  I was feeling pretty good for about the first 2 miles and then the heat set in and I started to drag but still pushed my self to finish.  I couldn't believe how I was feeling, more control with my breathing and running up hills which I have not been able to do when I started this journey.  Small baby steps and consistency is what's it about.  I keep reminding my self that I'm on a positive healthy journey and each milestone and baby step I take the more I'm on my way to reach my goals.  I know I won't be at my goal weight by the end of this but I have learned so much more about my self.

Non-Scale Victories
  1. Had such a great sleep that I woke up with lots of energy, decided to do 1 1/2 more hours of yard work.
  2. Then went for a run in this hot, humid and windy weather.  My husband called me a "Beast" today which is so true..hahaha.
  3. Drank lots more water today, making sure to keep my self hydrated but still flushing my body out with the bad toxins. 

Thrive Market - Amazing Whole30 and Paleo Products

After completing my Whole30 journey I have slowly switched over to more of a Paleo lifestyle which seems to be working for me.  I'm s...